Friday, March 27, 2015

Fun Activity That's Popular With Music Classes!

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I'd like to share an activity that is very popular with all my students. I love children’s books and I use them in my class all the time. Using books are a great way to teach musical concepts and your children will love that you are using them.  A Book becomes even more magical for the class when you are able to include a simple song to go along with the story. My students love story time and can’t wait to sing along .

Cows in the Kitchen is one of my classes all time favorite musical stories. All kinds of vocal repertoire ( such as Bingo, Mary Had A Little Lamb, Cows In the Cornfield, etc.) can be incorporated into your lesson with a variety of musical concepts (such as reading the rhythm of a song you used for the book). This book  includes a musical song right at the end of the book. The entire class can easily see the pictures because it is an oversized big book. When a book doesn't have a song, I just make up a simple song for the class to sing along as I turn the pages and then teach the rhythm, melody, etc. to go along with my lesson.
You can buy any of these books yourself, have your PTA buy books, ask your principal to buy some of the books or see if you can find them in your school library.  Below are some books that work good with kindergarten and 1st grade.

You can also check out the collection of books that work well with a variety of grade levels  on one of my Pinterest Boards called (Children’s Books) for more ideas. Give it a try to see if your class likes musical stories as much as my students do. What is your favorite book that you use with your students?
Click on the picture to see more books to use for your classroom.
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