Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Are You Using This Favorite Activity In Your Music Room?

Welcome to Mrs. Stucki's Music Class & Happy Holidays!
My library of musical stories is, hands-down, one of my classes favorite activities. Children love musical stories and I love how adding music to a story fills their hearts with joy. A musical story helps to train their ears for musical pitch reading in your lesson. It also prepares your class for part singing. I take a turn singing as I tell the story and then the children take their turn singing their part in the story. This back and forth singing prepares them to do part singing in the future. My class enjoys books so much that they are glued to my story. Here are two musical story books I use for December. 

Musical Books

  • Enriches their vocabulary
  • Builds reading literacy
  • Keeps their attention longer
  • Instills a love of reading
  • Ignites interest in reading
  • Builds confidence for younger readers

Building A Classroom Music Library

  • Most books can be found in your school library
  • Check out Used Book Sales
  • Ask your school PTA to buy some
  • Ask your principal to buy some
  • Borrow books from classroom teachers
  • Buy some yourself and don't forget to tell your family to give book gifts for your birthday or Christmas 
Classroom Donations
Another excellent source of classroom books is from donations. Reach out to former parents or put a note in your school newsletter stating that you are trying to expand your classroom library and are seeking any gently used book donations. You'd be amazed at how many picture books families have at home that their children have outgrown. 

Using Music Storybooks for Your Subs with Zero Music Experience 

Subs love musical story time because they are good at using storybooks. Many books come with a CD so the class can sing along with the story. I use these sample pages to go along with the books for my music sub lessons. If you would like it just click here.   

I would love to hear about your favorite musical book being used with your music class by leaving a comment below. Have fun singing musical stories! Sherry Stucki :)