Friday, March 20, 2015

3 Secret Tricks for Crowd Control During Music Concerts


Do you have elementary students that keep talking out of turn when you're trying to practice for their music concerts. Well, I find that some of the younger grades (K-3rd) have a difficult time staying quiet during their show in many elementary schools. Here are 3 simple tricks for crowd control during your next practice or next music concert.

1. Strike A Pose
Have them pretend that they are getting their picture taken and have them (go to pose 1, pose 2 or pose 3). Poses help small children to move to the next song without talking out of turn between each song.  Simply tell your students to go to a certain pose after each song.

Pose #1 (hands together in front of body-2nd graders)

Pose #2 (A Russian Dance Pose)
2. Adding Choreography 
Adding choreography will help keep their bodies busy and gives them something to focus on during the music. Choreography also adds a nice touch during the song for your audience.

3. Use Que Cards for Good Behavior
I have five cards that spell out each letter for the word (P-A-R-T-Y). I explain to the class that after the concert they will have a party if they have good behavior during the show (which is a fun music game day for my children). Just place the 1st letter (P) on your board or music stand. If someone interrupts, remove the letter (P). The children quickly learn that they need to stop talking out of turn or they will lose their party day. They have to earn all 5 cards to spell (P-A-R-T-Y) to earn an extra fun game day. Yes I use the same cards during their music concerts. The audience never knows that  you are showing the students cards. This helps remind students to not talk out of turn throughout the entire show. If you look in the 1st picture above, you might notice that I am using two music stands. One stand is for my music and the other stand is facing the children. I place one card at a time on the music stand that is facing the children throughout the concert to remind them about good behavior. The cards do all the speaking for me so I don't have to talk to them about behavior in front of the audience. Give it a try. It works like a charm for my younger and older children.

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