Sunday, February 22, 2015

Music Games Part-2


Music Games are a natural way for children to learn important musical skills. My class begs to play fun music games over and over again. I taught the class the names of the percussion instruments and how to hold and play them correctly in order to prepare them to play the game below. In the video my second graders are playing a fun music game called "Bee, Bee, Bumblebee" and are being:

*Prepared to write the rhythm of a known song
*Prepared to write a melody of a simple song
*Learning how to keep a steady beat
*Learning how  to hold each percussion instrument
*Learning the correct instrument names
*Learning singing skills
I like including music games with my class because I know that once the children have  learned the music game, I can pull musical concepts from that song and introduce a new music skill to my class.  This song can be found in "Share the Music" and is a  favorite game of my students. I hope your class will like this music game. "What music game do you play with your class?"

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