Sunday, February 8, 2015

21 Valentine Activities for Music Class

Activities for 4th-7th grade

*Poem:  teach about 6/8 time signature or about repeat signs (Roses are Red)

*Song: Sippin’ Cider (echo song can google the lyrics)

*Song: Put A Little Love In Your Heart (google lyrics by Jimmy Holiday) 

*Orff Instruments or Boom whackers Song : Love Somebody  teaching V-I chords

*Orff instruments: (teach AB musical form) A= Gorgie Porgie Poem  B= Improving

*Line Dance: Cupid Shuffle

*Game: Biddy, Biddy Hold Fast Lost My Gold Ring(teaching 16th and syncopation)


Activities for K-3rd grade

*Steady Beat Poem: Roses Are Red

*Rhythm Reading: of a known song: Lucy Locket

*Rhythm Reading: tap out the picture syllables for (Hearts and cupcakes) ta & ti-ti

*Any Valentine book: make up a short melody on sol and mi for each page turn. Have the class read the rhythm to the sol and mi song.

*Songs: We Love to Sing

*Song: Skinnamarink

*Song: There Is Love Somewhere (teaching 16th notes or group singing)

*Song: I Love the Mountains with ostinato for part singing

*Musical form: A=Chocolate Town B= Mother, Mother I Am Sick
*Lines & Spaces: click here for Heart Worksheet
*Game: Ring Around the Rosies  (for teaching steady beat)
*Games: Cut the Cake (for teaching rhythm or Fa notes)
*Game: Lucy Locket Lost Her Valentine/ sing f or piano to find the hidden valentine (for teaching p, f, s-l-m and ta, ti-ti rhythms)
*Cupid Game: Solo Singing
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A Section = Chocolate Town
Up and down, Up and down (s-s  m  s-s  m)
This is the way to Chocolate Town (sss  m-m  s-s m)
B Section = Mother, Mother
Mother, Mother I am sick,  (s-m-s-m-s-m-s)
Call for the doctor quick, quick, quick  (s m-m s m smd)

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