Saturday, January 10, 2015

Composing Music

Composing Music is a great way to help your students develop their musical skills. I use a lot of rhythm cards in my classroom to help my class practice rhythms that they will need for composing their own music. Below are a few ways my students like to use rhythm cards to compose their own rhythm compositions and musical songs.
Creating melodies by using rhythms cards and boom whackers.

Students will go around the circle performing one card at a time to create a song. Then they will make up their own rhythms around the circle to finish their composition. Click on picture to see more composing ideas (For more exciting lessons and fun things to do with your class, be sure to Sign up by email on my side bar to claim your monthly freebie, teacher tips & tricks).
Composing their own rhythm flash cards are fun and a great way to assess student work. Click on picture to see more composing ideas.

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