Saturday, February 11, 2017

3 Fun Valentine's Day Music Centers

Welcome to Mrs. Stucki's Music Class!

I'm really excited to share 3-Valentine's Day activities that work well for my music class. This year I'm going to be using fun music centers to go along with my Valentine' Day activities.  

Music Center #1
I created some fun coloring worksheets for my Valentine Music centers. I'm giving them away for free if you want to use them for your music class. You can use them for music assessments, your sub tub or for practicing music literacy skills. 

Music Center #2 
3rd & 4th graders love playing my Musical Candy Note Game while learning the names of their treble clef notes. I use candy hearts or skittles as game markers to play this game. They have to match the treble clef note cards from the music staff with the letters on the game board. The first child to get to the end of the game board wins the game. I let the children eat the candy when they are done playing the game. If you would like to play this game with your class click here to learn more about it.

Music Center #3
I'm always looking for fun ways to teach musical concepts by playing music games. Musical Twister is a really fun game I saw on Pinterest and it's a big hit with my class. I love it when my class is having so much fun playing this game that they don't realize they are practicing their music literacy skills. 

What's your favorite music center activity to do with your music classes? I would love to hear about it by leaving a comment below. Enjoy! Sherry Stucki :)

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