Friday, June 12, 2015

Popular Music Activity!

Popular Music Activity!
Welcome Back Teachers!
End of The Year Challenge: By the end of the year my classes are so excited with all the extra activities going on in school such as  field day,  the school talent show and end of the year class parties, that it is hard for them to focus on learning new skills.
The Solution: I keep them learning by saving one of their favorite music lessons for the end of the year.  I save “The Carnival of The Animals” lesson for my 1st and 2nd graders for the last two weeks of school. I do a fun activity by highlighting half of the animals one week and then the rest of the animals the second week.

Mini Lesson: This activity is so fun that your class will beg to do it again. The last animal I do is called the  “Aquarium” .  I have the class sit in a circle around 2 black lights. For safety reasons, I tell the class they are not allowed to stand up during the music since the room lights will be turned off. They are also not allowed to touch the lights.  I show my class different ways they can move their fish to look like the fish are swimming, such as (move the wrist back and forth, moving the fish up or down or making the fish shimmer as it moves).

Using Fish To Swim to the Music

I tell them to pretend that the room is a giant aquarium and when the music starts, they can begin to let their fish swim. The picture above  is hard to see, but the fish are glowing in the dark and it looks just like an aquarium full of fish swimming .

Where I Got My Fish: I found these over sized fish at the Lake Shore Learning Teacher Store. I picked these fish because they are colorful and durable. Just  laminate them so you can use  them over again next year. Have a great Summer! Sherry :)

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