Sunday, December 21, 2014

Music Careers


Music Career Project
"A CD About ME" 6th -9th Grade Project 
This CD project was a big hit with my sixth graders. Each student
designed a CD cover  (or jacket) as if it were his/her own debut CD. 
The covers needed to include photos, graphics, Art designs or clip art
that would make their CD stand out for others to buy.  Next they would 
create a song list with at least three song titles that reflected things about
their life on the back of the cover. They were allowed to use one popular
song title from current artists (with appropriate words and messages in
 the lyrics). The song titles the students came up with were  very creative.
This CD cover was made with colored typing paper, but my class was
 allowed to use other covers such as scrap booking paper.

I was able to teach students how to protect their CD's with inexpensive
 CD covers. This project allowed me to nicely lead into music careers for my
class to explore. I was also able to collect a list of songs that my students
love to sing. You could even talk to the class about using technology to learn
how to burn their favorite song on a CD. You will have a tangible project to use
for grading. You can google "How to make CD covers/ jackets" and pick the
best way for your own class. (For more exciting lessons and fun things to do with your class, be sure to Sign up by email on my side bar to claim your monthly freebie, teacher tips & tricks).
  Have fun! Sherry

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